Termite Monitoring System Services in Kailua

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Understanding Termites

Termites are small, wood-destroying insects that can cause significant damage to your home. They are often called “silent destroyers” because they can eat away at the wood in your home for years without any visible signs of damage. By the time you see the damage, it may be too late.

Are Termites Active Year-Round?

Yes, termites are active year-round, even in cold climates. They live in underground colonies that are climate-controlled, so they can stay warm and active even when it’s cold outside.

What Happens When Termite Stations Are Installed?

Before your pest control operator arrives to install your termite bait stations, you will need to prepare the area. Remove any debris around the perimeter of your house like leaves, branches, and woodpiles. Your technician will then use a shovel or a trenching tool to create a narrow trench around the perimeter of your home. The trench will be about 4-6 inches deep and 1-2 inches wide. Once the trench is dug, your technician will install the bait stations. They will then cover the trench with soil and tamp it down. The entire process of installing a termite monitoring system typically takes a few hours.

How Do I Know If My Termite Monitoring System is Working?

After the bait stations are installed, your technician will monitor them on a regular basis to check for termite activity. If termites are found in the bait stations, your technician will add a termiticide to the stations. The termiticide will kill the termites that are feeding on the bait, and it will also be carried back to the colony, where it will eventually eliminate the entire colony.

Do I Need a Termite Letter When I Sell My Home?

In many states, a termite letter is required when you sell your home. A termite letter, also known as a wood infestation report or a clear WDI report, is a document that certifies that your home has been inspected for termites and that no active infestation was found. If you have a termite monitoring system, your pest control company can usually provide you with a termite letter if needed.

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